Posted on February 15, 2017 by Cogentix Medical

Video Blog: Financial Impact of PrimeSight Cystoscopy

Adding a disposable may seem like a counter-intuitive way of improving cystoscopy cost-effectiveness. However, that’s exactly the situation described in this video from Affiliated Urologists, an award-winning practice of six urologists that serves Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding cities.

While Affiliated Urologists was initially concerned about the price of the EndoSheath® Protective Barrier, Dr. Ali Borhan says that the investment is, “Easily paid off by patient satisfaction, doing multiple patient procedures … and all of them with one scope.”  Affiliated Urologists also experiences reduced spend on cleaning supplies, decreased staff time allocated to endoscope reprocessing and increased scope longevity due to reduced chemical use. 

Affiliated Urologists has used PrimeSight™ Cystoscopy with the EndoSheath Protective Barrier since 2014. PrimeSight Cystoscopy is an innovative system that combines a reusable, flexible cystoscope with a sterile, single-use protective barrier to drive capacity, productivity and safety within facility of all sizes.

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