Posted on January 11, 2017 by Cogentix Medical

Video Blog: Productivity Impact of PrimeSight Cystoscopy

With conventional cystoscopy it’s almost safe to assume you won’t always have a scope ready when you need it.  However, the experience of Affiliated Urologists in Phoenix, Arizona, demonstrates that flexible cystoscopy doesn’t have to be this way. In this video, Dr. Ali Borhan and other members of the Affiliated Urologists team describe how the PrimeSight™ System changes practice productivity with an “always ready” cystoscope that can be ready in mere minutes.

Affiliated Urologists notes that turnover of the PrimeSight system can be done within five minutes, making it easier to accommodate the needs of multiple cystoscope users and to support emergency add-ons. “The mere concept of having to wait 20 minutes or 15 minutes is a nightmare,” said Dr. Borhan.  

Affiliated Urologists has used PrimeSight Cystoscopy with the EndoSheath® Protective Barrier since 2014. PrimeSight Cystoscopy is an innovative system that combines a reusable, flexible cystoscope with a sterile, single-use protective barrier to drive capacity, productivity and safety within facility of all sizes.

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