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The Cost-Effective Transition to Video Cystoscopy

Stethoscope on top of a pile of moneyOver the past three decades, fiber optic technology has been the standard in flexible cystoscopy and has become a vital part in today’s urology practice. But the past decade has seen incredible imaging advances, diagnostic capabilities, and value-added benefits come to life with video-based cystoscopy. If this new video-based technology is considered superior to fiber optics, why do most urology practices still use fiber optic technology?

It’s safe to say that virtually all urologists would prefer to upgrade to a video-based cystoscopy system. What often prevents them from doing so is the cost. One conventional video endoscopy system typically costs three times more than a fiber optic system, which is a very high cost to recoup over the life of the equipment.

There is an alternative, however, that actually makes a video system more cost effective than ever before. The PrimeSight Video Endoscopy System offers a revolutionary design that can make video cystoscopy a reality for Urology practices who have concerns over costs.

A solution on multiple fronts

Depending on its size, the typical urology practice will usually require between three and five cystoscopes to meet their patient throughput needs. Once a conventional cystoscope is used, it must go through a rigorous scrubbing and cleaning/disinfection process, during which time the physician uses other patient-ready cystoscopes. This creates a cycle of continuous need for multiple endoscopes to be rotated throughout the day; as the practice gets busier, more conventional cystoscopes are required to meet the demand.

A solution on multiple frontsPrimeSight video cystoscopes, however, eliminate the need for multiple scopes to meet traditional throughput levels. By using the sterile, disposable EndoSheath Protective Barrier and performing a rapid reprocessing wipe-down routine, one PrimeSight cystoscope can be ready for patient use in minutes. This means one scope is able to do the work of many conventional cystoscopes. As a result, there is no need to rely on scopes from your inventory while others go through the disinfection process or are carted off to another wing of the hospital for reprocessing.

For urology practices considering the switch to video-based technology, PrimeSight allows for a cost-effective move to video and also increases the overall productivity of the practice.

Patient focused

As important as the financial benefits provided by PrimeSight Video Cystoscopes is the enhanced patient care that video endoscopy offers.

By design, the PrimeSight Cystoscopy reduces the risk of cross contamination associated with conventional scopes, where contagions are able to spread even when reprocessing protocols and guidelines are meticulously followed.

In addition, studies have shown patients who are allowed to view the procedure on a video monitor report less pain than those who do not. The simplicity of its “plug-and-play” design allows physicians to easily record procedures to review with the patient afterward, increasing their engagement with their treatment.

Minimized trade-offs

A remarkable aspect of the PrimeSight Video Cystoscopy System with the EndoSheath Protective Barrier is that it minimizes trade-offs. It does so by offering superb patient care and increased productivity at a price that is more cost effective than conventional fiber-optic units. Contact your Cogentix Medical territory manager or Customer Care to better understand how your practice could transition to high-quality video cystoscopy in a cost-effective way.

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