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Essential Support Tools for Your OAB Practice

Busy nurse juggles multiple requestsYour patient has questions about the new treatment plan. At the same time you’re following up on test results and fielding phone calls. Not to mention the next patient is already in the waiting room.

While you want to make sure that you are providing a full range of treatment options to your patients, it’s hard to find time to integrate products into your practice and provide patients with relevant tools to help them make educated decisions and be active participants in their treatment plans.

Regardless of whether you are doing your first treatment or your thousandth, we’ve created a few tools – many of which have been co-developed with key Urgent PC practitioners to help you grow or enhance your PTNS practice.

Tools to treat PTNS patients

The Cogentix Medical Team will guide you through the setup process  to make sure you’re ready to deliver PTNS treatment from day one.  We offer comprehensive Program Setup tools, including our EHR template, sample SOP and dictation template, to make it easy to incorporate PTNS into your practice. We also offer practice support tools for patient identification, consent, and reimbursement.

In addition, the Urgent PC training program, our comprehensive certificate program, includes training, assessment and observation of clinical technique. Annual retraining is offered upon request to satisfy compliance with your internal standards and ensure ongoing proficiency.

Patient education tools like printed patient brochures and detailed voiding diaries are available in both English and Spanish. And if your patients want to learn more, send them to for patient success stories and videos.

As your PTNS program grows, you may find that the OAB blog is a great resource for answers to topics as diverse as patient set-up, the OAB treatment pathway and reimbursement. If that’s not enough, the PTNS Centers of Excellence Program connects you with PTNS experts to answer your toughest clinical questions about Urgent PC and PTNS.

Help expanding your OAB practice

Looking for more PTNS patients? A quick ICD-10 search of your patient database might help you find your next patient, but if you’re looking to get more creative with your marketing efforts we have a few tools that could help.

We offer website content you can add to your website including images, HTML content, the Urgent PC animation and blog articles. In addition, the Cogentix Medical Provider Locator connects patients visiting our website to practitioners who are fully trained and have been active Urgent PC users for more than six months.

If you’re looking for more of a personal touch, we have a variety of marketing tools available for you to customize, email or print, like the Urgent PC Transformations newsletter. Want to engage with a larger audience? Consider hosting an OAB Patient Education Seminar. We offer ready to use and unbranded materials including an invitation, flyer and a presentation that reviews OAB and available treatments.

Manage patients in the OAB treatment continuum

Managing patients within the OAB treatment continuum can be a challenge. Our OAB Navigators Program gives you access to individuals who can share tips and tricks on how to incorporate their methods for driving utilization of 3rd line therapies into your practice by using existing staff.

What’s the next step?

If you would like more information about any of these tools, contact your local Territory Manager or Customer Care to get started.

Urgent PC is the Proven PTNS

Urgent PC is indicated for the treatment of Overactive Bladder and associated symptoms of urinary urgency, urinary frequency and urge incontinence. Treatment with Urgent PC is contraindicated for patients with pacemakers or implantable defibrillators, patients prone to excessive bleeding, patients with nerve damage that could impact either percutaneous tibial nerve or pelvic floor function or patients who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant during the duration of the treatment. Most patients don't experience side-effects. If side-effects occur, they are typically temporary and include mild pain and skin inflammation at or near the stimulation site. Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. For complete instructions for use, storage, warnings, indications, contraindications, precautions, adverse reactions and disclaimer of warranties, please refer to the insert accompanying each product or online at Urgent is a registered trademark of Cogentix Medical © 2016 Cogentix Medical. All rights reserved. 

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